Obviously, we develop and publish games.

Here Are Some Of Our Games

Conquerors Of The Realm

You can now become a fantasy hero in the realm of this game by collecting resources and weapons in Augmented Reality and fight along your friends in maps based on actual locations, If you’ve ever wished to become a majestic Elf, or a powerful Giant I invite you to try the alpha version of the game and start exploring this realm filled with weapons, resources and fantasy creatures.

Dodge Agen‪t‬

Acquire CLASSIFIED information, agent!!

Make sure to dodge all the lasers made with CUTTING! EDGE! TECHNOLOGY!

Boss Fight 3D

Fight HUGE bosses, FIRE bosses, ICE bosses, BOULDER bosses!

Fight them champion! Make sure to FINISH THEM before you're knocked out!

GREAT animations, SUPER game feel, MASTER the art of Knocking BOSSES!

Choo Chooter 3D

Choo Chooooooo!! The TRAIN is coming! Shoot enemies from the moving train! Enjoy the explosive effects when you DESTROY ALL of the enemies!

Magno 3D

Move around, collect various objects and blast them into enemies. Make sure to dodge the bullets and get rid of the melee enemy!

Zombie Smash!!

Use your skills to drift and throw ALL ZOMBIES AWAY!! Make sure to keep your gas tank full and release your fingers when the car is CHARGED!

Trap'em All 3D

You've always wanted to set traps! We know it, funny you! You will have the chance to setup a chain reaction full of traps and watch the dummy enemies fly far away!

King Royale.io

Survival of the fittest obstacle course, Jump, Dock, Dock, Jump, Jump... Challenge real people in survival of the fittest levels, upgrade from beginner to becoming a legend.

Hole Punching ASMR

Release the artist in you! Cut holes using different shapes and forms to create your own masterpiece! Cut, Paint and be as accurate as you can be. How accurate can you get? Cutting papers has never been this satisfying, make sure to play with sound on for ASMR satisfaction! So, So Satisfying!

Domino Hit

Follow your color and hit dominos! Pass nearby holes to get a power up and smash ALL the dominos!

Mess It Up

Exciting color popping adventure! Mess the map up and make sure to finish the level before sweeping cars clean it up!

And even more game concepts

And this is us!

Are we not cute?

Ziad Talge

Founder and CEO

Omar Itani

Head of Development

Ghazi Al Yaman

Senior Unity Developer

Sophie Matar

Lead 2D/3D Artist

Georgio Hanna

3D Artist

Rena Aboulhosn

Junior Artist

Ali Kattoua

Game Designer

Issam Tabbara

Junior Unity Developer

Mustafa Siyada

Project Manager

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